Harry Potter After the War

Harry Potter woke up in his old school dormitories with a searing pain in his chest. He decided he was just sore from the battle yesterday and went down to the common room. Harry sat down in front of the fire place and waited for Ginny to come down.”Good morning” Ginny said as she came down the stairs. Harry smiled in return remembering the day before. After returning the Elder Wand to Dumbledore’s tomb, he had gone to his dormitory and gone to sleep without a word to Ginny. She looked worried now so Harry asked what was wrong. “Well I was hoping that now the war is over we could get back together but you haven’t said a word to me.” Harry jumped up and pulled Ginny into a hug and then kissed her deeply. “Well I guess that solves any worries I had” Ginny replied, smiling. They sat in a chair and talked all about what Harry, Ron, and Hermione had been doing all year. Ginny learned about the search for Horcruxes. Then Ginny told Harry about how terrible Hogwarts had been with Death Eaters. Ginny horrified Harry when she told him how they all had to learn the Unforgivable Curses. She told him how many times she had been tortured as punishment for not torturing others. After a few hours Ron and the other Weasleys came down. When they all saw Harry and Ginny together they rushed over to congratulate them on getting back together. Just as Hermione came down, Harry doubled over in pain, clutching his chest. Ginny pulled his shirt up to see a burn spot in the middle of his chest. Harry screamed in pain as the air hit it and he blacked out in Ginny’s arms. When he woke up, a witch was pouring a potion down his throat while Ginny held his hand. He could tell he was in a room in St. Mungo’s. His throat was sore and his chest still felt absolutely terrible. The Healer was saying that there was dark magic all over his chest. When he opened his eyes the young healer ran out to get the healer in charge. He looked around the room and saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasly, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny who was smiling at him. When the healer came back she had a man with her who introduced himself as Will. He proceeded to check Harry over and when he finished he said “Well Harry You are completely fine except the spot on your chest. Could you tell me what happened there?” “I got hit in the chest by a killing curse” Harry replied. Will just shook his head knowing he shouldn’t ask too many questions while Harry was still recovering. tell me what happened there?” “I got hit in the chest by a killing curse” Harry replied. Over the next few days the healers tried a variety of different potions and spells to heal Harry. Everyone was getting discouraged with every failed attempt. Harry was quiet most of the time thinking about that day and if he should tell them all what happened. He had decided not to even tell Ron and Hermione about what happened in the forest. Now however he was rethinking that decision. If he told everyone maybe they could heal him. He was constantly having an arguments with himself in his head. Will came into the room and asked to speak to Mr. and Mrs. Weasly. “What is it Will” Mr. Weasly asked.”We have tried everything we can think of, but I think his condition may be permanent.” When Harry heard that, his heart sunk.He started to think of an idea he had been nursing for a while now. Suddenly Harry asked Mr. Weasly where Voldemort’s body had been taken. “Well it is in a room in the Ministry being examined, but I hardly see how that matters now” replied Mr. Weasly. “Well I have something to tell you all that might help me” said Harry.”After Snape was killed,”, Harry began, “I took his memories up to the headmaster’s office and watched them in the Penseive. I learned that he loved my mother and when Voldemort killed her, he switched to our side. He was a spy for Dumbledore and he helped prevent a lot of deaths. Dumbledore’s cursed hand was killing him even though Snape slowed it down. He ordered Snape to kill him when the time was right so he would be trusted by Voldemort even more. Dumbledore told Snape that day, that he would have to tell me at the last possible minute about the Horcrux Voldemort didn’t plan to make.” “whats a Horcrux” Ginny interrupted. Harry answered simply saying, ” Its very dark magic that lets you put a piece of your soul into an object, but you have to murder someone to split your soul.” “Blimey there was another one?” Ron asked.”Yes, when he killed my parents, his soul split and a piece attached itself to my soul. That’s how I could speak to snakes and see into his mind. I decided to tell Neville to kill Nagaini if he could just in case none of you could. Then I went into the forest to let Voldemort kill me and get rid of the Horcrux so someone else could someday kill him.” Ginny started to cry and Harry reached out to comfort her. “What’s wrong Ginny, I’m still alive see.” Harry said confused. “You didn’t even say goodbye before going to die.” she replied. “Well if I had, I wouldn’t have been able to leave you and Voldemort would still be alive.” Harry told her gently. “But continuing with the story, I went into the forest and Voldemort shot the curse at me and I collapsed and went to a place kind of in between life and death and saw Dumbledore again.” “bloody hell” Ron said softly putting his arm around Hermione. “Dumbledore told me that, because I was willing to die, only Voldemort’s soul was killed and not me. Also that put the same protection on everyone fighting against Voldemort and the Death Eaters that my mother put on me when she died. It made it so no one could kill any of you.” Deciding to skip the rest of the conversation with Dumbledore, he continued saying” when I woke back up, Mrs. Malfoy told all the Death Eaters that I was dead so she could search for Draco. Voldemort had me carried back up to the castle and you all know the rest. “So what do you think will help you Harry?” Mr. Weasly asked. “well if Voldemort’s soul has already been out of his body, we might need to get rid of it like a Horcrux. I think that part of his soul could be trying to kill me with the spot where a part of it used to be.” Harry replied. Mr. Weasly stood up and kissed his wife goodbye and then turned to Harry “I’m going to go see if your plan will work. What do you use to kill the Horcruxes?” Harry answered “it would be easiest if you just use fiendfire if you know how to use it and control it.” “OK Harry I’l be back soon.” Mr. Weasly walked out of St. Mungos and apparated to the Ministry of Magic. He walked up to the Minister’s office and knocked on the door. Kingsley Shaklebolt opened the door welcoming him into his office. “Minister, St. Mungos has been unable to find a cure to what is wrong with Harry, but he had an idea that involves destroying Voldemort’s body I was wondering if that would be a problem?.” Mr. Weasly said. “Well if it will help Harry then lets go do it.” They walked to the lifts and went down into the dungeons. They walked all the way to the end of the hall and went into a door guarded by two aurors. There sat Voldemort’s body on an examining table. Mr. Weasly told the Minister the plan and he cast the spell, sending the pale body up in flames.

Three weeks later, Harry was back on his feet, He had gotten out of the hospital, and he was now at the Burrow. He woke up in Ron’s bedroom and walked downstairs to the kitchen. “Harry dear, what are you doing up so early?” Mrs. Weasly asked as she cooked breakfast.

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2 Responses to Harry Potter After the War

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Maybe you could use some paragraphs, its easier for me to pace my reading. But thats just my suggestion, you dont have to take it 😀

    • mscout226 says:

      Thank you for that suggestion. I have been meaning to put it in paragraphs again. They got messed up when I pasted it from a Word document. Please check back on the site often as I am adding more almost every day.

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